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3:00-3:30pm (EST) Weekly
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3:00-3:30pm (EST) Weekly
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Weekly Standup
with Beatriz Canguçu, COO
5:00 - 5:30pm (EST) Bi-weekly
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5:00 - 5:30pm (EST) Bi-weekly
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with Matheus Canguçu, Account Manager

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About us

UREV is a Christian Company with entities in the United States, Brazil, and Finland. Our team is composed of remote workers in several countries, locations, and languages. We are a global team! Our vision is to provide a sustainable staffing model for missions and businesses within the marketplace - M2B (missions-to-business).
We accomplish this through:

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Who is Who

Who is who?
Here is a quick guide to our leadership structure
  • CEO & Founder
    Ryan Scott Adams
    Responsable for the daily vision and operations globally.
  • CFO
    Jessica A.P. Adams
    Responsable for
    financial operations and
    management globally.
  • COO
    Beatriz Canguçu
    Responsable for internal
    and external operations
    of UREV globally.
  • Account Manager
    Aline Camargo
    Responsable for the health and needs of our Kingdom Customers globally.

Core Values

Our core values
  • Kingdom focused
    We believe that we have an obligation to represent Christ; Brining healing to broken people and systems within every sphere of society.
  • Complete transparency
    We believe in honesty and integrity through every thought and action made; Always striving towards healthy communication and proven character.
  • Honor driven
    We believe in a life of honor within private and public spaces; Always looking to serve than to be served.
  • Daily consistency

    We believe in productivity and progression; Always developing sustainable and scalable ways for a better work environment.

  • Excellent service
    We believe in providing an excellent service unto God and man; Aways striving toward innovation in the private and public.

Company Documents

Company Documents List
Everything you may need in one place!
  • This document provides detailed information on how UREV operates with both Marketplace Missionaries, Kingdom customers and organizations.
  • UREV's DNA and field guide for Marketplace Missions.
  • Our beliefs and focus for business as missions.
  • Plan and forecasts for the future of UREV.

  • A list of the different jobs we offer at UREV and to our Kingdom Customers and organizations.
  • See how we communicate our brand across all platforms and environments.
  • See important holidays worldwide.
  • Go back in time and see the initial onboarding deck you received when you first started with us.